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     "Holy Together is a remarkably engaging and timely reflection on the opportunities for married couples to grow in holiness. Kathleen's transparency about her own marriage with her husband and her several decades of classroom experience make for a very credible and practical challenge of appreciating how everyday living in marriage can be a continuing source of enrichment and deepening spirituality."                 
        - Most Rev. William Skylstad, Bishop Emeritus of Spokane

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      Back in print and still one of Mitch's most popular books! 
      Give yourself a daily reminder of the depth of God's love for you.
      "Finley has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter. In . . . You Are My Beloved [he] focuses on the startling and still largely unaccepted claim that God is nothing but love . . . . Both accessible and grounded in the best of the theological tradition."
       - Most Rev. Robert Barron, STD - Bishop of Winona-Rochester and Founder of Word on Fire Ministries

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     "In my journey to be a Catholic, I discovered Mitch Finley and read his book The Seeker's Guide to Being Catholic. I have purchased several copies to give to family and friends. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest books ever written about Catholics and the Catholic Church." - from an reader review

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      A close look at key skills needed by both partners to achieve a lasting marriage, complete with a list of helpful resources and reflection questions for couples and individuals. "I have no doubt that many couples, both engaged and married, will grow in lasting love for each other as they read this book." - Leif Kehrwald, Family Ministry Specialist

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     A bestseller designed to awaken a renewed appreciation for the Rosary. "...the best book on the Rosary that I have found in years of researching and learning." "Mitch Finley . . . explains what the Rosary is, how it developed, and its scriptural roots . . . . It gets you started down the path without bogging you down, but still proves the point that, contrary to common anti-Catholic misconceptions, the Rosary is Christ-centered, Biblical, and ancient . . ." "Great book." "This book was amazing!!!" "Love it." "I love this book!!! A must read for sure." "Lovely." - from reader reviews (First Edition)

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     Books on men's spirituality tend to be odd, suggesting beating on drums and role models from the Old Testament, Greek mythology, etc.  A Man's Guide to Being Catholic suggests that Catholic men embrace the Jesus of the gospels, the risen Christ, the Sacraments, and life in the Church. It's inspiring, informative, and honest. Above all, honest.

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     Prayer can easily involve the ordinary things that we use and come across in our everyday lives. Brief prayer exercises using all kinds of ordinary things, from car keys to tissues; from shoes to underwear; from a ring to a plant or flower.

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     A remarkably high percentage of the population reports experiencing the presence of a loved one following his or her death. Dozens of true stories, interspersed with reflections on the meaning of these astonishing events.      
       "Mitch Finley does his usual masterful job in writing. The choice of stories that he uses to illustrate the concept of life after death, and our opportunity to share in our loved one's spiritual journey is excellent." - from an reader review

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     This easy-to-use book of prayers provides a much-needed resource for families who want to celebrate the everyday events of their lives. From such moments as the first day of school, being in a thunderstorm, reading together, and fifty-seven other occasions, Kathy helps parents and young children see and express the ways that God is part of their lives.

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     "This is Mitch Finley's best book. Believe it or not, I have read all of them. I was his publisher for a long time. He's the Real Thing. And this book, The Gospel Truth, takes into account the mad world we live in and the opportunity to see beneath those mad appearances to what really is: goodness, truth, love, beauty, peace, joy." - from an reader review by Michael Leach

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     A beautiful collection of short prayers on all kinds of experiences from married life . . . and don't let the title fool you, it's for all couples, no matter how long they have been married. A great wedding gift, too, of course! A religious sister we know said that her community is using it because so many of the prayers apply to everyday life in a religious community, too! "A nice little 'extra' to include with a wedding gift. The prayers address everyday issues couples will face in the coming years. It would also be nice for couples to receive from their own church when planning their wedding. An unusual but practical book for any couple." - from an reader review.

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“Author Mitch Finley . . . displays his theological and linguistic skill with his deep, soul-striking presentation of that which gives life and love true substance.”

“It was a pleasure to be on the receiving end of [Kathy’s] spiritually rich guidance . . . . We appreciated the easy and inviting manner in which she presented the substantive content.”

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